There are fees related to an enterprise’s obligations to the Registraire des entreprises, such as registration, reregistration, constitution as a legal person and filing an annual updating declaration. These fees are charged to all enterprises covered by the Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises, the Business Corporations Act and other laws of Québec such as the Insurers Act and the Religious Corporations Act, and they vary depending on the type of enterprise.

Click an enterprise type to find out what fees apply.

Click Other documents and services to see the fees for the compilation of information, copies of documents, etc. Refer to chart RE-101, Tarifs et modalités de paiement (see English courtesy translation RE-101-T) for a complete list of fees related to the obligations of various enterprise types.

Go to the Obligations non remplies section in My Office for full details on the enterprise’s obligations.

Priority service: For requests made using an online service, you must follow the steps online to obtain priority processing. If there is no priority option in the service you are using, contact us. For requests made using paper forms, complete the “Personne à contacter et traitement prioritaire” section and enclose it with the form. If there is no such page in the form you are using, enclose a note asking for priority service. Also write “traitement prioritaire” on the envelope and enclose payment of the applicable fees.

Enterprise type and Québec enterprise number (NEQ)

The first two digits of a Québec enterprise number (NEQ) indicate the enterprise type.
Enterprise type First two digits of NEQ
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Natural person
  • Foreign business corporation
  • Foreign legal person
  • Trust operating a commercial enterprise
11 or 33
  • Québec business corporation
  • Québec corporation
  • Non-profit corporation (Québec or foreign)
  • Syndicate of Co-Ownership
  • Cooperative
  • Association or group of persons
  • Partnership
  • Other enterprise
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