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Other Enterprises

Other enterprises governed by Québec legislation are not considered to be any of the other legal forms. Examples include:

  • insurance companies
  • professional syndicates
  • fish and game clubs
  • religious corporations
Insurance company
Document Regular Priority
Certificate of constitution $611.00 $916.50
Certificate of amalgamation or conversion $611.00 $916.50
Certificate of continuance $611.00 $916.50
Supplementary letters patent $611.00 $916.50
Professional syndicate
Document Regular Priority
Application for constitution as a professional syndicate Free $19.00
Application for constitution as a union, federation or confederation Free $19.00
Application for name change Free $19.00
Notice of dissolution, notice of appointment of a liquidator and notice of closure Free $19.00
Application for dissolution (including the order of dissolution) Free $19.00
Fish and game clubs
Document Regular Priority
Constitution of a fish and game club by order $184.00 $276.00
Religious corporation
Document Regular Priority
Constitution or continuance by letters patent $184.00 $276.00
Supplementary letters patent $62.00 $93.00
Approval of a by-law concerning a change in directors Free $19.00
Approval of a by-law concerning a change in name or head office $62.00 $93.00
Application for dissolution (including the certificate of dissolution) Free $19.00
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