Demande de lettres patentes supplémentaires (courtesy translation)

This form is used by non-profit legal persons constituted under Part III of the Companies Act to amend the provisions of their letters patent. These amendments concern:

  • powers
  • purposes
  • immovables or revenue therefrom
  • name of the legal person
  • head office (if it has been transferred to a new location)
  • the number of directors
  • other provisions

If the head office is transferred to a different address within the same locality, you must file instead an annual or current updating declaration to declare the transfer of the head office.

The Registraire des entreprises does not produce an English version of its forms. However, it provides translations of the content of the forms for information purposes.

To access the form to be completed, click on RE-502.

If you wish to consult an English translation, click below.

RE-502-T (Static PDF) (76 KB)

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