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Privacy policy

The enterprise registrar’s website does not place cookies on the hard drives of Internet users’ computers. No cookie is used to collect personal information without the user’s prior consent.

The secure electronic services on our website use an encoding method that guarantees the confidentiality of the personal information exchanged.

Automatic information transmission

Information is exchanged automatically between your computer and the enterprise registrar’s website server as soon as you access the website. The following information is exchanged:

  • the Internet domain name, e.g. “companyx.com” if you are using a private Internet access account or “university.edu” if you are accessing the Internet through a university;
  • the IP address (the digital address that your Internet service provider automatically assigns to your computer whenever you navigate on the Web;
  • the type of browser and the operating system used to access our website;
  • the date and timethat you access our website;
  • the pages that you visit;
  • the address of the authority site , i.e. the website from which you access the enterprise registrar’s website.

The information is only collected because of the technological demands inherent in navigating on the Internet and is used for statistical purposes (Web traffic, the most frequently accessed pages, the technology used by the clientele, authority sites, the users’ countries of origin, and so on). It cannot be used to identify you personally.

Personal information

Any government department or body that requests personal information from you must ensure that it is necessary to obtain such information, identify itself and inform you of:

  • the name and address of the public body on behalf of which it is collecting the information;
  • how the information will be used;
  • the categories of individuals who will have access to the information;
  • the mandatory or optional nature of the request;
  • the consequences for you or, as the case may be, a third party, should you refuse to satisfy the request;
  • the rights of access and correction provided for by law.

If you choose to submit personal information to us by email, we will only use the information necessary to respond to your message and ensure follow-up to it. Email is subject to the same confidentiality measures as regular mail.

The personal information that you send us is only communicated to another government body when your request is addressed to that body or if such disclosure is required by law. The information transmitted is never used to establish user profiles and is not shared with any private organization.

However, you are responsible for the information that you send us and for ensuring the confidentiality of your personal information, access code and password, as the case may be. Should the confidentiality of this information be compromised, you must notify the enterprise registrar as soon as possible to avoid possible fraudulent use of your identity (for which the enterprise registrar assumes no responsibility whatsoever).

Redirection to other websites

The enterprise registrar’s website contains several links to Québec and other government websites and to private websites. When you decide to follow one of these links, the page requested opens in a new window. You then leave the enterprise registrar’s website. The information exchanged on the new website is no longer protected by the enterprise registrar’s privacy policy.

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Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information

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