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Information About My Office

My Office is a secure space for registered enterprises and intermediaries who have been authorized to use the electronic document transmission service on behalf of a third party. Enterprises and intermediaries can use My Office to access their file, as well as all of the online services of the Registraire des entreprises. Consequently, enterprises can fulfil their obligations and keep their information up to date in the enterprise register.

My Office is a secure and confidential means to consult all of the enterprise's information shown in the enterprise register.

Use My Office to:

  • access services according to the legal form of your enterprise;
  • fulfil, at any time, the enterprise's legal obligations resulting from its registration concerning its articles, updating declarations, payment of fees and cancellation, liquidation and dissolution procedures;
  • consult the enterprise's information in the enterprise register. 

For information on how to access this secure space, click How to Access My Office.

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