Amendments to Articles

If the corporation is constituted under the Business Corporations Act, you can amend the corporation's articles in My Office. Under Gestion de l'entreprise, you will find the online services to use to amend the following information:

  • the corporation’s name
  • the number of directors
  • the share capital, including
    • creating or removing classes of shares
    • amending the designation of all or some of the corporation’s shares
    • adding, amending or removing any restrictions, conditions, rights or privileges related to the classes of shares
  • restrictions on share transfers
  • limits on activities and other provisions

You must first obtain a special resolution of the shareholders authorizing the filing of articles of amendment signed by a director or officer.

If the articles of amendment are filed to retroactively correct an error, an illegality or an irregularity, you must use the paper version of form RE-500, Statuts de modification (see English courtesy translation RE-500-T).

New name of the business corporation

If the corporation wishes to change its name, you can either

  • request a designating number (numbered corporation) in lieu of a name. The designating number that the Registraire des entreprises assigns to you will consist of a number and the word Québec, followed by the letters "inc.;" or
  • propose a new name for the corporation.

If you propose a new name, you must make sure that the name you have chosen is compliant with laws and regulations. For more information, see Definition and Rules Applicable to the Name of an Enterprise.

You must also verify whether the name you have chosen is not already used by another enterprise in Québec. Before you file your articles, you may use the Find an Enterprise online service (free of charge) to search for and verify a name.

If you believe that the name you have chosen is compliant with laws and regulations and that the name is not used by another enterprise in Québec, you can use the Produire une demande de réservation de nom online service to file a name reservation application with the Registraire des entreprises. Fees are applicable to all name reservation applications. The name is reserved for 90 days. Name reservation is optional.

Fees and terms of payment

The fees applicable to a certificate of amendment, further to an application for articles of amendment, are given in form RE-101, Tarifs et modalités de paiement (see English courtesy translation RE-101-T).

Processing your application

After receiving an application for articles of amendment, the Registraire des entreprises records the date of receipt, reviews the articles of amendment and, where applicable, verifies whether the name is compliant. If the application is compliant and complete, and the fees have been paid, the Registraire des entreprises issues a certificate of amendment and assigns a date to it. The certificate attests that the articles have been amended to take into account the corporation’s name change and, where applicable, that the amendments in the articles of amendment have been integrated into the corporation’s articles. The Registraire des entreprises then deposits the articles of amendment, the accompanying documents and the certificate of amendment in the enterprise register. With some exceptions, amendments made to the articles become effective as of the date and, where applicable, the time indicated on the certificate.

Legal obligations of the business corporation

If the name of the corporation has been amended and the name declared in the enterprise register before the amendment was used to identify one or more establishments, you will need to file, within 30 days after the amendment of the articles, a current updating declaration under the Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises to update the information concerning these establishments and the other names used.

Client services

Client services of the Registraire des entreprises are provided by Services Québec at its offices in Montréal or Québec, as well as by email or telephone. Contact information is provided on the Contact Us page.

Client services staff can help you understand, in particular, the process for amending the articles of your enterprise and the application of the rules of law in general. However, they cannot interpret these rules to adapt them to a specific case or respond to a specific situation. For such help, consult a legal adviser.

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