Updating Information in the Enterprise Register

Registered enterprises have the obligation to file an annual updating declaration every year during the prescribed period, even if they have no changes to make to the information in the enterprise register. This obligation enters into effect in the year after the year of registration.

If your situation changes after your annual updating declaration is deposited, you must file a current updating declaration within 30 days of the date of the change.

If you notice that a declaration deposited in the enterprise register is incomplete or inaccurate, you must file a corrective updating declaration. The correction will be retroactive to the date of deposit of the declaration concerned.

The information concerning your enterprise can be used for or against third parties as of the date on which it is filed in the enterprise register.

It is therefore important to make the appropriate changes by filing the appropriate declaration:


A change of address in the enterprise register will not result in the change being made automatically with other government departments and bodies.

It is your responsibility to keep your business's information up to date with other government departments and bodies.

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