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Dissolution and Liquidation of a General or Limited Partnership

General and limited partnerships must follow the formalities stipulated by the Civil Code of Québec governing dissolution and liquidation.

A dissolution occurs when:

  • the partnership has served its purpose or it is impossible for the partnership to serve its purpose;
  • the partners have agreed to dissolve the partnership;
  • a clause in the partnership agreement makes provision for the dissolution;
  • the date on which the partnership was to cease to exist has been reached;
  • all of the partnership shares are transferred to a single partner, unless at least one other partner joins the partnership within 120 days;
  • a court orders the dissolution.

Request to dissolve and liquidate a general or limited partnership

In My Office, you must:

  • request the dissolution and liquidation of a partnership. Such a request, when deposited in the enterprise register, informs the public that the partnership has been dissolved and that it is continuing its existence for the sole purpose of its liquidation;
  • file a notice of appointment of liquidator. Such a notice, when deposited in the enterprise register, informs the public that a liquidator has been appointed to liquidate the partnership;
  • file a notice of closure of liquidation. Such a notice, when deposited in the enterprise register, informs the public that the liquidation of the partnership has been completed. The filing of the notice leads to the ex officio cancellation of the registration of the partnership.

In My Office, you must use the Déclarer la dissolution et la liquidation d’une société de personnes online service to transmit the three notices mentioned above. Consequently, the Registraire des entreprises will be able to complete the dissolution procedure. You must transmit them separately and in the same order as above.

Before you transmit a notice, make sure that the previous notice, if applicable, is published in the register. Once the notice of closure is published in the register, the partnership's registration is cancelled ex officio.

There are no fees for the deposit of the notice of dissolution, the notice of appointment of a liquidator and the notice of closure of liquidation. However, fees apply when priority processing is requested. For more information, please consult chart RE-101, Tarifs et modalités de paiement (see English courtesy translation RE-101-T).

For each year a partnership is registered on January 1, including the year in which it files its notice of closure under the Civil Code of Québec, it must pay the annual registration fee.

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