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Economic activity sector

When you register an enterprise, you must indicate the economic activity code (EAC) corresponding to the two main activities of the enterprise and the two main activities carried on in each of its establishments.

You can search the entire list or search by field.

The PDF files that open up when you click on the hyperlinks in the Field column are in French only.



Agriculture (PDF)
  • Agriculture
  • Agriculture-related services
  • Wholesale trade in agricultural products
  • Wholesale trade in agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies
Food (PDF)
  • Food industries
  • Beverage industries
  • Wholesale food and beverage trade
  • Retail food and beverage trade
Associations and leisure activities (PDF)
  • Associations
  • Entertainment and leisure services
  • Accommodation
Furnishings (PDF)
  • Furniture and furnishing article industries
  • Wholesale household article trade
  • Retail furniture, appliance and furnishing accessory trade
Timber harvesting and paper (PDF)
  • Logging
  • Forest services
  • Wood industries
  • Paper and paper products industries
Clothing and accessories (PDF)
  • Leather and allied products industries
  • Clothing industries
  • Shoe, clothing, fabric and yarn retail trade
  • Wholesale clothing, shoe, fabric and notions trade
Construction (PDF)
  • Builders, promoters and general contractors
  • Trade contractors
  • Construction-related services
  • Wholesale hardware, plumbing, heating and construction materials trade
Fishing and trapping (PDF)
  • Fishing and trapping
Materials processing (PDF)
  • Rubber products industries
  • Plastics products industries
  • Primary metals processing industries
  • Metal fabricating industries (except the machinery and transportation equipment industries)
Oil and gas (PDF)
  • Oil and natural gas extraction
  • Petroleum and coal products industries
  • Wholesale trade in petroleum products
  • Mining services
Communications (PDF)
  • Printing, publishing and allied industries
  • Communications
International agencies and other extraterritorial agencies (PDF)
  • International agencies and other extraterritorial agencies
Human services (PDF)
  • Personal and domestic services
  • Other services
Administrative and public services (PDF)
  • Educational services
  • Federal government services
  • Provincial government services
  • Local government services
  • Other public services
Business services (PDF)
  • Business services
  • Storage
Transportation (PDF)
  • Transportation equipment industries
  • Pipeline transportation
  • Transportation
  • Wholesale automobile, parts and accessories trade
  • Retail automobile, parts and accessories trade
Tobacco (PDF)
  • Tobacco industries
  • Retail tobacco trade
  • Wholesale tobacco trade
Textiles (PDF)
  • Primary textile processing industries
  • Textile products industries
Finance, real estate and insurance (PDF)
  • Deposit-accepting intermediaries
  • Consumer and business loan companies
  • Investment companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Other financial intermediaries
  • Real property services (except subdividers)
  • Insurance and real estate agencies
Mining industry (PDF)
  • Mines
  • Quarries and gravel pits
  • Mining services
  • Non-metallic mineral products industries
Social and medical services and pharmaceutical industry (PDF)
  • Health services and social services
  • Retail drug trade
  • Wholesale drug and toiletries trade
Other commercial ventures (PDF)
  • Wholesale trade in miscellaneous products
  • Other types of retail trade
  • Retail non-store
Other industries (PDF)
  • Machinery industries (except electrical)
  • Electric and electronic products industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Other manufacturing industries
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