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Abbreviations and Terms Used by the Registraire des Entreprises

Abbreviations and terms used by the Registraire des entpreprises can be found on this page.

Enterprise registration status

The following table presents the enterprise registration statuses. Statuses inform you on whether an enterprise is registered, not registered or cancelled.


Notice of intent to create a new insurance company (constitution or amalgamation). Another NEQ will be assigned to the new insurance company.

Partially registered (incomplete file)

By mistake (information not available)

Not registered (this status applies only to public authorities)

Not registered – Registration cancelled under the Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises

Cancelled ex officio pursuant to section 59 for failing to fulfill obligations requested by the Registraire des entreprises

Cancelled ex officio by the Registraire des entreprises

Cancelled upon request

Cancelled ex officio further to a dissolution by the operation of law. This status applies only to companies that were governed by Part I of the Companies Act or by the Mining Companies Act.

Legal forms of enterprises

The following table presents the abbreviations for the legal forms of enterprises used by the Registraire des entreprises. A definition of each legal form of enterprise can be found in the Glossary

11 Legal person








Mutual insurance association


Non-profit legal person


Business corporation


Mutual benefit association


Syndicate of co-ownership

22 Natural person


Sole proprietorship

33 Association or group of persons 




Group of persons and trusts operating a commercial enterprise

33  Partnership


Limited partnership


General partnership


General partnership with limited liability


Joint Venture (Undeclared partnership)


Partnership not constituted in Québec

Types of related persons

The table below presents the types of persons related to each enterprise form. A definition of each type of related person can be found in the Glossary.

Type of related person

Legal form of enterprise

Actionnaire (shareholder)

Business corporations


Actionnaire ou tiers qui assume tous les pouvoirs confiés aux membres du conseil d’administration d’une entreprise (shareholder or third party that assumes all the powers of the members of an enterprise’s board of directors)

Business corporations

Administrateur (director)

Legal persons, partnerships, associations and groups of persons

Administrateur du bien d'autrui (administrator of the property of others)

All forms

Associé (partner)


Autre (other)

Partnerships not constituted in Québec

Commanditaire (limited partner)

Commandité (general partner)

Limited partnerships

Dirigeant non membre du conseil d'administration (officer who is not a member of the board of directors)

Legal persons, partnerships, associations and groups of persons

Fondé de pouvoir (power of attorney)

All forms

Titles of directors

  • Director
  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice-President
  • Other

Titles of officers who are not members of the board of directors

  • President
  • Chief officer
  • Secretary

Titles of administrators of the property of others

  • Curator
  • Trustee
  • Liquidator
  • Liquidator of a succession
  • Receiver
  • Trustee in bankruptcy
  • Guardian
  • Other

Types of partners

  • Partner
  • Limited partner
  • General partner
  • Other (only for partnerships not constituted in Québec)

Types of shareholders

  • First shareholder (majority or not)
  • Second shareholder
  • Third shareholder
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