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December 3, 2018
Fraudsters on the Prowl: Stay Alert!

All organizations and their clientele could be targets of fraud, and the Registraire des entreprises is no exception. To avoid the consequences of fraud, keep the following in mind when making a payment:

  • The enterprise registrar or an authorized representative signs all letters we send to our clients. These letters include the Registraire des entreprises logo, a reference number (either the Québec enterprise number [NEQ] or the request's reference number) and the name and address of the recipient enterprise. We sometimes use secure email to contact our clients, but never text messages. 
  • We always announce fee increases and legal changes that impact our clients’ obligations first on our website. 
  • We only accept payments:
    • online using a credit card;
    • by mail (print the payment slip and send it to us with your cheque); or
    • at the Services Québec office in Québec City or Montréal.

Safety is everyone’s business. Stay alert!

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