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May 13, 2015
Changes to the Services of the Registraire des entreprises

On May 19, 2015, a number of changes were made to the services of the Registraire des entreprises.

Rules pertaining to the refusal to register an enterprise constituted under a law other than a law of Québec

If you wish to register an enterprise constituted under a law other than a law of Québec, you must make sure that both of the following conditions are met:

  • the information in the declaration of registration sent to the Registraire des entreprises, such as the name of the enterprise, its domicile address and date of constitution, must be the same as that in the other jurisdiction's register;
  • the enterprise must not have been dissolved.

The Registraire des entreprises reserves the right to refuse an enterprise's registration if either condition is not met. The other rules under which an enterprise's registration may be refused have not changed.

Information about directors declared in the enterprise register

Your dealings with government departments and organizations (for example, an enterprise's registration for the GST/HST, the QST and source deductions with Revenu Québec) will be simplified if you have specified the position held by the director when you declare a new director or update a director's information.

Effectuer un paiement online service

When you pay with a credit card in My Office, you can click the Consulter le reçu button at the bottom of the Confirmation de paiement page to see a receipt showing all the applications paid for in the transaction.

Email communications

We invite you to complete or update the Personne à contacter section of your enterprise file by adding an email address and a postal code. We also invite you to choose email as your preferred method of communication if you wish to receive reminders to file the enterprise's annual updating declaration or to receive late-filing notices, if applicable. 

Furthermore, in order to increase the efficiency of the Registraire des entreprises and to reduce its use of paper, the Registraire will email the confirmation of registration and of filed articles of constitution to persons who choose email as their preferred method of communication when filing their application.

The documents produced by the Registraire des entreprises will continue to be deposited in the enterprise's secure email inbox. You can consult this inbox in My Office. To do so, click Centre de communications.

Closure of an enterprise

Before you submit an application with the Registraire des entreprises that will lead to the closure of an enterprise (whether by cancellation or by dissolution), make sure that you have submitted all the required documents and have received all the refunds your enterprise is entitled to from all government departments, organizations and financial institutions. 

The Registraire des entreprises thanks you for your cooperation and contribution, which help maintain the quality of the information in the enterprise register.

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