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October 15, 2013
Deadline for Filing the Annual Updating Declaration for 2013

The Registraire des entreprises reminds you that you must file an annual updating declaration regardless of whether or not changes need to be made to your information statement.

Consequently, if the legal form of your enterprise is included in the list below and you do not file the updating declaration with your income tax return, you have until November 15, 2013, to file the declaration and pay the annual registration fee. If you file your declaration and pay the required fee after that date, you will be liable to a penalty.

Enterprises constituted in the following legal forms are subject to the measure:

  • associations and other groups of persons;
  • legal persons;
  • mutual insurance associations;
  • mutual benefit associations;
  • trust companies;
  • savings companies.

Steps in filing the annual updating declaration

  1. In the My Office box, click Access.
  2. In the Business Authentication screen, enter your Québec enterprise number (NEQ) and your ClicSÉQUR express access code. Beginning in 2010, a clicSÉQUR express access code is automatically sent to each business registered with the Registraire des entreprises.

    If you have not received your clicSÉQUR express access code, request one right away. To do so, click Verify the business’s mailing address and follow the instructions.
  3. Once you have accessed the My Office secure space, click Accéder à l'état de renseignements publié au registre and make sure that the information in your file is up to date.
  4. Once you have checked the information, click Gestion de l'entreprise and then Mise à jour des informations contenues au registre. Next use the Produire une déclaration annuelle ou une déclaration de mise à jour annuelle online service.

For more information, consult the Modify Information section of the Registraire des entreprises website or contact our client services. For contact information, click Contact Us.

Thank you for helping us maintain a high quality of information in the enterprise register.

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