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Telephone Assistance

Services Québec provides client services for the Registraire des entreprises. If you need help using our online services or completing our electronic forms, call Services Québec at one of the telephone numbers below.

  • Toll-free: 1 800 644-0075
  • Persons with a hearing or speech impairment (ATS): 1 800 361-9596 (toll-free)

Accessibility Policy

We are aware of Web accessibility issues and how important it is to offer everyone equal access to information. We have therefore decided to gradually improve our website’s accessibility, based on the three accessibility standards adopted by the Québec government. These standards sur l’accessibilité du Web are available in French only:

  • Standard sur l’accessibilité d’un site Web (SGQRI 008-01)
  • Standard sur l’accessibilité d’un document téléchargeable (SGQRI 008-02)
  • Standard sur l’accessibilité du multimédia dans un site Web (SGQRI 008-03)

These standards set forth rules, which, if met, will make websites more user-friendly for everyone.

Online services

The online services offered on the website of the Registraire des entreprises, other than the government authentication services (clicSÉQUR and clicSÉQUR express), generally meet the Web accessibility standards of the Québec government.

Downloadable documents and information pages

Currently, downloadable documents and information pages on our website do not meet the Web accessibility standards. However, our information pages and the access pages to our downloadable documents contain a link to this page, which contains the contact information of our telephone assistance services. You may call telephone assistance to ask any question or raise any concern pertaining to accessibility.

We cannot guarantee the accessibility of third-party content, as it may not comply with the Web accessibility standards.

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