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Purpose of the Enterprise Register

The enterprise register contains information about the persons administering and operating registered enterprises. This public information helps you exercise your rights.

Any individual can consult the enterprise register and obtain information about an enterprise. It is easy and free of charge. Just use the Find an Enterprise online service on the Registraire des entreprises website.

Enterprises declare information such as their activities, the addresses of their establishments and the names under which they carry out their activities, as well as the names and domicile addresses of their shareholders, directors, partners and officers who are not members of the board of directors. You can consult this information in the enterprise register.

The enterprise register also indicates whether an enterprise has met its obligation to file an annual updating declaration, the purpose of which is to update the enterprise's information or to confirm that the information in the register is up to date.

The information in the enterprise register is public information. Enterprises are responsible for the accuracy of the information they declare. If you find information in the enterprise register that you believe is inaccurate, contact us.

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