The Registraire des entreprises helps protect enterprises, associations and the public in their economic and social relations by applying the various laws governing enterprises and their activities.

The Registraire des entreprises is an institution

Legal publicity

The Registraire des entreprises maintains a public register in which is deposited and published prescribed information on associations and enterprises constituted or operating in Québec. Most of this information is of a legal nature and opposable.

Constitution of legal persons

The Registraire des entreprises also contributes to Québec's economic and social development and protects Québec's socio-economic stakeholders by administering the legislation governing the constitution, registration, organization, operation, liquidation and dissolution of the vast majority of legal persons in Québec, and by providing interested parties, such as investors, with compilations of information declared in the enterprise register.

Government role

The Registraire des entreprises also works to foster administrative efficiency in the government and facilitate communication between the government and associations and enterprises by:

  • assigning a Québec enterprise number (NEQ) to registered enterprises;
  • sending information to departments and agencies of the Québec government that administer public programs for enterprises.

Services provided by the Registraire des entreprises

The activities of the Registraire des entreprises are carried out through service commitments made by the Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale, which also reports each year on the results attained in its annual management report.

The services of the Registraire des entreprises are provided through various means to simplify the administration of enterprises. Since 2006, about 77% of enterprises have paid their annual registration fees when they file their annual Québec income tax return. These enterprises may also check a box on their income tax return to confirm that the information in the enterprise register is up to date.

Online services

To help individuals and enterprises fulfil most of their obligations, the Registraire des entreprises has streamlined processes by developing an array of easy-to-use online versions of most of its services. Enterprises can now use these services to:

  • file applications and requests;
  • make payments;
  • receive messages from the Registraire in a secure space;
  • track an application or request;
  • access the enterprise register at any time, day or night.

The client services of the Registraire provide support and information for our online services. Click Contact Us.

Registered enterprises can access these services using the clicSÉQUR express access code, which is automatically assigned when they register, or the clicSÉQUR – Entreprises user code and password.

These government services (clicSÉQUR express and clicSÉQUR – Entreprises) offer support concerning the assignment and use of the access code or the user code required to make online transactions.

Starting an enterprise—in particular the constitution of an enterprise in the form of a business corporation or a partnership—is a multifaceted process. We suggest that you consult a lawyer or a notary.

Open data

Since July 4, 2016, some data from the enterprise register has been made available on the Données Québec website, which contains open data (administrative and public interest data) from the Québec government and certain municipalities. Open data is raw data that can be easily analyzed and used by a computer or an application in accordance with the assigned licence.

Assistance for authorized professionals

The Registraire des entreprises offers online services adapted to the duties of professionals who do business with enterprises.

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