Québec Enterprise Number (NEQ)

A key for enterprises

The Québec enterprise number (NEQ) is a ten-digit numerical identifier assigned to enterprises that register in the enterprise register. It simplifies identification of the enterprise when dealing with public bodies and business partners. The NEQ is one of the Québec government’s measures to simplify regulatory procedures for enterprises.

How to obtain a Québec enterprise number

An enterprise obtains a Québec enterprise number (NEQ) when it registers with the Registraire des entreprises.

Who can obtain a Québec enterprise number?

Any enterprise that is registered in the enterprise register is assigned a Québec enterprise number. This number, as well as information about the enterprise, is then made available on the enterprise register’s site free of charge.

What is the Québec enterprise number for?

The Québec enterprise number simplifies and streamlines dealings between enterprises and Québec government departments and agencies, such as when enterprises want to register for government programs and services.

It can be used with the following government departments and agencies, among others:


The Québec government has developed the Démarrer une entreprise service (available in French only) to take you through the steps to carry out with various government departments and agencies in the process of starting an enterprise and to help you track the status of your applications.

We recommend that you use this service if you are starting an enterprise and you have not undertaken any steps with any government department or agency. Enterprises that cannot use the service will still obtain the list of their obligations with various government departments and agencies based on their legal form. To access the service, click the Démarrer une entreprise button at the right side of this page.

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