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Québec Business Corporations or Legal Persons – Fees

A business corporation or legal person is a legally constituted entity. It has a distinct and independent juridical personality, as well as rights and obligations under the law under which it is constituted (in Québec, the Business Corporations Act and other legislation). It acts through both its board of directors and the meeting of shareholders.

Starting up
Document Regular Priority
Name reservation $22.00 $33.00
Certificate of constitution or revival $347.00 $520.50
Certificate of amalgamation or conversion $347.00 $520.50
Certificate of continuance $231.00 $346.50
Application for authorization to continue under a law of a jurisdiction other than Québec $231.00 $346.50
Certificate of amendment $179.00 $268.50
Application for the correction of articles $179.00 $268.50
Certificate of consolidation $179.00 $268.50
Certificate of arrangement $179.00 $268.50
Certificate of cancellation of articles $179.00 $268.50
Application for revocation of cancellation $116.00 $174.00
Constitution by letters patent $578.00 $867.00
Letters patent (Part II) $578.00 $867.00
Letters patent of amalgamation $578.00 $867.00
Supplementary letters patent $174.00 $261.00
Approval of a by-law concerning a change in directors Free $46.50
Approval of a by-law concerning a change in name or head office $174.00 $261.00
Confirmation of a by-law changing share capital $174.00 $261.00
Approval of a by-law concerning the value of immovable property $174.00 $261.00
Annual report $84.00 $126.00
Application to resume existence $116.00 $174.00
Updating information (filing period: May 15 to November 15)
Document Regular Priority
Initial declaration Free $46.50
Annual updating declaration1 93,00 $ 139,50 $
Current updating declaration Free $46.50
Corrective updating declaration Free $46.50
  1. Some enterprises can file their annual updating declaration and pay their registration fee for the year in their income tax return.
Document Regular Priority
Notice of liquidation Free $46.50
Notice of discontinuation of liquidation Free $46.50
Notice of closure of liquidation Free $46.50
Certificate of dissolution Free $46.50
Declaration of intent to liquidate or dissolve Free $46.50
Application for dissolution (including the certificate of dissolution) Free $46.50
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