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Foreign Non-Profit Legal Person – Fees

A foreign non-profit legal person is a group of persons, constituted under the laws of a jurisdiction other than Québec, that engages in non-profit activities that are cultural, social, philanthropic, national, patriotic, religious, charitable, scientific, artistic, professional, athletic, sporting, educational or other in nature, with no intention of generating profits for its members.

Starting up
Document Regular Priority
Declaration of registration or application for reregistration $36.00 $54.00
Application for revocation of cancellation $116.00 $174.00
Updating information (filing period: January 1 to June 15)
Document Regular Priority
Annual updating declaration $36.00 $54.00
Current updating declaration Free $18.00
Corrective updating declaration Free $18.00
Document Regular Priority
Declaration of cancellation Free $18.00
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