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Produire une déclaration de mise à jour courante

To use the service Click Produire une déclaration de mise à jour courante to access the service (available in French only).
Purpose of the service

To update an enterprise's information outside the filing period of the prescribed updating declaration.


All enterprises registered for the enterprise register


The current updating declaration must be filed within 30 days after any change to the enterprise.

An enterprises that is exempted from declaring an attorney under the Regulation respecting the application of the Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises must use the form to file a current updating declaration if it is a building contractor subject to the Ontario-Quebec Agreement and it does not have an address in Québec to declare.

Trusts that operate a commercial enterprise are required to use the fillable (dynamic) PDF version of form RE-403, Déclaration de mise à jour annuelle ou courante pour une fiducie exploitant une entreprise à caractère commercial, to file a current updating declaration with the Registraire des entreprises.

It is important that an enterprise provide the position of certain directors when it declares information under Administrateurs. This facilitates an enterprise's registration for the GST\HST, the QST and source deductions. It also facilitates communications with government departments and agencies.

Contact us to obtain the form corresponding to the legal form of your enterprise.

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