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Produire une déclaration de mise à jour courante

To use the service Click Produire une déclaration de mise à jour courante
Purpose of the service

To update an enterprise's information outside the filing period of the prescribed updating declaration.

  • Associations or groups of persons 
  • Sole proprietorships 
  • Legal persons 
  • Corporations
  • Trust corporations 
  • Mutual benefit associations 
  • Savings companies 
  • Mutual insurance companies
  • The current update must be filed within 30 days after any change to the enterprise.
  • This online service cannot be used to amend the information about the attorney of an enterprise constituted under a Québec law. 
  • The service cannot be used to transmit a declaration where the following error message appears: "You cannot declare two establishments having the same name, same address and same economic activity." To make a correction in your file, you must use the appropriate form. However, you will be able to use the online service for a future update.
  • An enterprise that is exempted from declaring an attorney under section 4 of the Regulation respecting the application of the Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises must use the appropriate form to file a declaration of registration if it does not have an address in Québec to declare.
  • To maintain the exemption from publication of addresses, agencies offering assistance to victims of violence and groups of persons offering direct or indirect services to victims of violence must file their next annual or current updating declaration using the appropriate form.

Contact us to obtain the form corresponding to the legal form of your enterprise.

Last Update : 23/09/2013
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