Additional Letters Patent

A non-profit legal person governed by Part III of the Companies Act that wishes to amend its incorporating document must apply for supplementary letters patent to amend:

  • its name;
  • the address of its head office;
  • the number of directors;
  • its immovable assets or revenue arising therefrom;
  • powers and purpose;
  • other provisions.

The application for supplementary letters patent must

  • have been approved by the directors of the legal person;
  • have been ratified by at least two-thirds of the members present at a special general assembly convened for that purpose.

The application must be submitted within six months of the meeting.

The resolution must mention the changes that the legal person wishes to make to its letters patent and the solemn affirmation must be signed by one of the signatories of the application.

To determine the fees that apply to an application for supplementary letters patent, please consult the fee schedule.

The enterprise registrar will file the supplementary letters patent in the enterprise register, then send a copy of them to the legal person.

Name change

A legal person that wishes to change its name must enclose a name search report with its application for supplementary letters patent.

Name search report

To check if the name you have chosen is available, you may

  • use the Produire une demande de réservation de nomonline service to file an online name reservation application.
    The Registraire des entreprises will send you confirmation of the name reservation along with a search report; or
  • search the register yourself for free and print the result.
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