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June 2, 2016
New Online Service for Starting an Enterprise

When you start an enterprise, you must carry out several steps with the State. In an effort to streamline these steps, the Québec government has launched the Démarrer une entreprise online service (available in French only) to take you through these steps and to monitor the processing of your applications.

This service is available to you if:

  • you are a resident of Canada; 
  • you are 14 years of age or older; and 
  • you are either:
    • the representative of the new enterprise you wish to start in Québec, or
    • the representative of an enterprise already constituted under a law of a jurisdiction other than Québec that wishes to do business in Québec. 

When using this service, you must first answer a questionnaire in order to determine whether you are eligible to use the service and, if so, which obligations you must fulfill with various departments and agencies of the Québec government. If your enterprise is eligible to use this service, you will be redirected to the online services of the government departments and agencies concerned to fulfil your obligations (registration, payment, etc.). After completing each step, you will be returned to the main page, where you can monitor the progress of each of your applications. 

Note that you will also be informed of which obligations you must fulfill with provincial government departments and agencies without using the Démarrer une entreprise service. 

Based on your answers to the preliminary questionnaire, you may have to complete the process of starting an enterprise without using the Démarrer une entreprise service.

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